List your TOP THREE OR FOUR COMPETITORS.  You know…those other dealers that are constantly pulling sales out of your market area.  The ones that you HATE seeing THEIR license plates driving around YOUR town.  

Now imagine…

EVERY TIME a prospect walks on THEIR lot, they are served up YOUR ADVERTISEMENT on their mobile device.  

With our Dealer Magnet system, we create the right ad message, precisely target prospective buyers THAT PHYSICALLY ENTER A PRE-DETERMINED GEO-FENCED AREA (your competitor’s dealership locations), and then serve your ad to them on their mobile device using our Customer Conquest technology. Then…we track when that same customer enters your showroom after seeing the ad, using true one-to-one Device ID attribution for the most accurate results and campaign analytics.

Dealer Magnet delivers unprecedented mobile advertising results with most campaigns achieving between $25 to $60 per REGISTERED SHOWROOM VISIT by a campaign responder.

Here’s how it works:

  1. You select the local competitors whose customers you’d like to target
  2. We create “geo-fence” boundaries around each of those competitors
  3. Prospects that walk or drive onto their property are recognized instantly and become eligible* for your ad campaign
  4. Eligible prospects are served up your ad on their mobile device or tablet and gain entrance into the Customer Conquest system
  5. Qualified prospects continue to be served your ad while your campaign is active (even on their home or work desktop computers*)
  6. When a qualified prospect responds by visiting YOUR DEALERSHIP, our system counts them as a “Registered Showroom Visit”
  7. Then you do what you do best – SELL THEM A VEHICLE

Your account comes with a campaign dashboard so you can monitor your campaign performance at any time.  Here are just a few of the metrics our system tracks:

  • # of ads served (by competitor’s location)
  • # of ads clicked (CTR)
  • # of registered showroom visits
  • Individual performance of different ads
  • Device type
  • Browser type
  • …and much, much more

For more information, contact The Atomic Group at (866) 928-6642 or email us at

*Eligible prospects must have their location device setting turned to the “on” position and access any of the thousands of apps or websites that utilize our ad display technology for ads to be served.  You pay ONLY for ads served.